Graduation is Around the Corner

Many students will be graduating from high school and college this spring. Some will go directly into the workplace and others will perhaps move onto higher education. Regardless of their choices, there are a few things that every student should know before heading out into the world to forge their own way…

Determination & Perseverance are the Key
Attitude, Not Altitude
Success Is a Journey, Not a Destination
Give Yourself Permission to Fail
Find Your Passion; Live Your Dream
Commit to Live a Balance Life

With a mixture of humor and warmth, Lynn weaves together her personal stories and professional experiences in her pursuit of Success that she shared with a James Bowie High School graduating class in Simms, Texas, when she was invited to speak at their commencement as an alumna of the school. You will cheer her journey as she aquires an education, achieves success in the business world against the odds of her chaotic upbringing, and becomes a world-class adventurer, exploring the wilds of Africa and surviving a near-death experience while backpacking in Argentina.

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Front page Wall Street Journal article today about e-books being the future of publishing. Mine’s available e-format on my website and soon on Personally I still like the feel of turning pages and a real book, not the one on the e-readers, but who knows, I may migrate someday….

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My first blog

Since I’ve just started blogging, forgive me as I learn how to interact with the blogging community. My book, “From Simms to Zanzibar” was recently published with the help of Judith Briles and Katherine Carol–The Book Shepherds, Nick Zelinger (graphic designer), Ronnie Moore at WESType Publishing (book layout), and DarkFire Productions (e-book). I plan to share some of my publishing experiences, future projects and other adventures here as well as on my Facebook Page, Lynn McLeod: Author and Speaker.